Survey Results

Our top priority here at Valet Cleaners is to always strive towards
improving our service in order to better serve our customers.

We recently sent out a survey to a number of our Route customers and
while the majority of the results asserted our belief that we always
provide the best possible quality dry cleaning service at competitive
prices. We realized that there are number of things we needed to improve
on, in order to continue to provide the best cleaning service available
to you.
Out of a total of 276 surveys sent out, 74 of them were returned to us.
Here are the questions asked and the results of our overall performance score on those particular key areas of our service;
1. How do you rate our overall service?
Total score 93.75% = excellent.
2. How do you rate our overall cleaning?
Total score 90.81% = Below Excellent/Above Good.
3. How do you rate our attention to Spot-Treatment?
Total score 85.67% = Good.
4. How do you rate our quality of pressing?
Total score 93.75% = Excellent.
5. How do you rate the fresh smell of your cleaned garments?
Total 87.02% = Good.
6. How do you rate the finished appearance of your orders at delivery?
Total 93.24% = Excellent.
7. How do you rate the overall appearance and performance of our delivery team?
Total score 97.56% = Excellent.
8. Based on the experience with out service, how likely are the chances
of you recommending our service to your friends and family?
Total 93.51% of our customers would recommend our service to all their friends & family.

After reviewing all the returned surveys we decided that certain
changes needed to be made in order to improve our overall customer
satisfaction ratings.
1.Spotting and Cleaning procedures (all garments are to be pre-spotted and checked more thoroughly)
2.Collar stays are to be removed prior to cleaning and replaced after.
3.No more Staples! We are now carefully using pins to attach order tags
to each garment. This guarantees no unnecessary holes on your clothes.
4.Bi-Weekly reminder calls, which will notify all customers of their next scheduled pick up a day before we show up.
5.Customer Inquiry forms which will help improve communication between
you, the customer, and us, the team members of Valet Cleaners.
6.Monthly News Letters, which will serve as a way of keeping the
customer aware of any improvements we make to the service and special
offers available for the month.
7.Coupons/Monthly Specials. Available by going to our Specials page.

Don?t take our word for it. You can see actual copies of the surveys
and the comments we received by clicking here (depending on your
internet conection and due to the large size of the files, loading time
may take a while):

See the Surveys!
See More Surveys!
More Surveys!
& More Surveys!


Thank you for reading.
Jesse,Team Manager